How lucky for me to find someone who could make an ACTUAL PIPE DREAM a beautiful dreamy reality! Words can’t express how grateful I am for our first 4-hour lunch!!! I hope this is the beginning of creating wondrous new realities together!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

- Sarah
July 2019


I couldn't have done this without you - you are magic.

Thank you so much.
A xxx

Dear David,

Thank you for making our 1st Birthday so great! We had so much fun! 

Liam & Harrison

Dearest David,

Without you we would have fallen to pieces, seriously!! You had our wedding run like a well-oiled machine. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all of the love and support you gave us.

Love you!
Heather xx


Thank you so much for all your help. We could not have pulled this off without you. You jumped in and made it all happen. Thank you, thank you.

Grant & Jenn

Dear David,

I want to thank you for a job well done. When the power went out, your staff jumped into the void and was a matter of great help. Rod and Edwin also said that they have seen many, many weddings at the Bel Air Bay Club and that you were the BEST wedding planner they have ever worked with. 

Best Regards,
Chris & Anne


Thank you for giving us the most magical and perfect day of our lives. You are a wedding wizard, we don’t know how you pulled it off!

Eternally grateful,
Lea & Jon
P.S. The protein shakes will help you recover

Dear David,

Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.
It was a magical wedding because you poured your heart and soul into it!

Much love,
Mondi & Steve

Dear David,

Thank you for giving me the wedding day of my dreams. I had such a great time working with you (it was joy not work!). From your first vision of having the party down in the garden to the finest of details … what magic you created! (The dance floor still a marvel to me). I am so grateful for everything you did to keep me a calm and happy Bride (smiley face emoji here). We treasure your friendship … Paul’s of many years & mine, a new friendship. We look forward to spending many more joyous times with you.

Rebecca & Paul

David is extremely efficient with a great eye for detail. 
I have worked with David on several occasions on important design and decorating projects. There is nothing over-looked. He checks the quality of craftsmen's work, billing and invoicing. His coordination skills from inception to completion have proven faultless, whether in the USA or abroad. I could not recommend David more highly, and I look forward to working with him soon.

- Dot Spikings, Owner, Dot Spikings Interiors


At lunch the day after the party you organized for Jon’s birthday, I had unprompted comments from Jon’s closest friends raving about how professional and personable you were. And I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THE PARTY WITHOUT YOU! It was one of the greatest nights of Jon’s life, and you were a major part of making it go so smoothly.

Thank you, thank you and thank you,
Keith Snelgrove (Host, Black Tie 50th Birthday Party, West Hollywood, CA)

You’re the best!
October 2018

Dear David,

We cannot thank you enough for our spectacular, perfect wedding week. We truly respect and appreciate all the hard work you put into creating and executing such a detailed day. You know how crazy I am, so please take it as a huge compliment that I thought everything went smoothly and all the design elements were perfect. We wouldn’t change a thing. We hope to take you to dinner or drinks soon to express our gratitude. I’ll miss exchanging over 500 emails with you :). Hopefully this wont be the last time we work together!

Love, Niki & Hans <3
October 2018


I seriously cannot thank you enough for your superb wedding planning skills, especially your psycho bride management abilities. I wouldn’t have survived this weekend, or the months leading up to it without you. You were immense support and a generally awesome dude.

- Daisy


Rika and I wanted to thank you once again for all the time and effort you put into the planning and coordinating of our wedding. We were able to relax and enjoy our wedding thanks to your professionalism and attention to detail. I never realized how many decisions and how much work goes into a wedding celebration. You performed as if you’ve been doing this all your life, and we're so happy with how smoothly everything went and how much fun everyone had on the day. Reliability, a calm demeanor, efficiency and friendliness are all qualities that make you the best wedding planner!

Thanks again, David.
Rika & Tony

David is an incredibly talented and personable individual - focused, organized and detail oriented. We were particularly impressed with his understanding of production management and the multi-tasking and team management that comes with that role. David inspires confidence and motivates each team for whom he is managing to provide only the highest level of service and to produce only the best quality of work. I would feel confident putting David in almost any role knowing he would be capable of filling the largest of shoes and in the most challenging of circumstances.

- Kristin Banta, Owner, Kristin Banta Events, June 7, 2010


This wedding has been an unforgettable experience — we couldn’t have accomplished this journey on our own. Thank you for being a huge part in planning Cassie and Taylor’s wedding!

All the best!
Therese & Gary

Dear David,

The Hearts for Haiti fundraiser was a tremendous success!
Thanks to your help and the generosity of our donors enough money was raised to purchase a home in Haiti for a group of 10 children that survived the earthquake, but lost their families. I’m so looking forward to working with you again and having you as a resource to help us maintain philanthropy as part of our mission here.

Thanks again,
Justin Carroll, Director of Admissions / Intervention Specialist

Dear David,

It was destiny that we found you at Bride Bop! Without you, we could not have planned what ended up being the best day of our lives!! You put so much love and attention into every detail and it was obvious to everyone at our wedding that you are fantastic at your job. We can’t thank you enough. 

We love you,
Chloe & Justin


You went above and beyond to make this last minute event come together, and all parties involved shined because of your efforts. It is wonderful to work with you!

All our best,
The London WeHo


We are still in the “Wow” moment of your stunning Table Design. It was absolutely gorgeous and so detailed … everything about it was perfect. Thank you fro the bottom of our hearts for your time and dedication to Late Summer Decadence!

Cheers & much love,
The Luxe Team